Nitinol Tubing

Custom Nitinol tubes in 2 weeks!

We serve our medical device customers from start-up's performing animal studies, mid-size preparing for market launch or existing product lines. We build custom nitinol tubing consistently to specifications, tolerances and delivery dates.

  • Express Center — Custom runs ODs two weeks or less!
  • Met Lab Services — SEM/EDAX surface analysIs, macro-etchlng, AF testing and tensile testing
  • Ingot purity/grain size and full lot traceability
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Superior surface finish on ODs in oxide or ground surface finish and IDs
  • Tight tolerance processing  to +/-0.0002" — tube size ODs range from .003" to .400" controlling tolerances as tight as  +/- 0.0002"