Company Bios



Fred Betz

Fred Betz has been successful helping large and small companies bring new products to market quickly and effectively with manufacturers he represents. Fred has served customers in the Minnesota Region since 1989. Fred was an automotive specialist at the 3M Automotive Industry Center-Detroit for 10 years prior to creating Betz-Tek “Precision Component Solutions.” Fred is a graduate of the University of Minnesota-School of Economics.



Emily Hubble

Emily Hubble, a University of MN graduate, brings over ten years of sales and customer service experience in the health industry to Betz-Tek. Managing a sales territory in Phoenix, AZ, with Patterson Dental Companies, she provided dental practices with the most cutting edge technology, software and dental devices on the market. Understanding the unique requirements for excellence in medical devices, Emily is committed to offering prompt service with quality solutions for her customers. Her professional background serves as a strong foundation that underscores her desire to provide the very best service that ultimately will have a positive effect for a patient’s well-being and health.